Solar panels and accessories for camping

Outback Batteries is a locally owned and operated business, a one-stop shop for all your solar panel and accessory needs. We supply solar panels that are powered by a natural, renewable, clean and free form of energy that can allow you to travel to remote locations without sacrificing power and convenience.

Our solar panels are durable, low maintenance and quiet, allowing you to keep your batteries and equipment charged when camping, without disturbing the tranquillity. They can be charged in the sun while you drive so theyíre ready to use when you arrive and last for up to 20 years. We also offer portable solar panels that are foldable and come with a handle for easy carrying.

Essential for any camping trip, Outback Batteries stocks a range of camping accessories as well, including jump start packs, cable, dual battery system kits, isolators, battery charges, plugs and sockets, monitors and inverters. We make sure you donít end up stranded.

Our solar panels and camping accessories empower people to do what used to be impossible, allowing you to set up camp anywhere so you can explore and discover new experiences. Talk to our online representative anytime using our Live Chat System to find out more.