12 Volt Accessories, and Generators

Outback Batteries has a wide range of 12 volt accessories and generators for use in nearly any vehicle to help keep you powered while youíre on the move. We make sure you donít need to rely on caravan parks or other power supplies while camping so you can enjoy being off-road and off the grid as long as you need.

Versatile and useful in emergencies, our wide range of 12 volt accessories are easy to install, with many featuring a plug to fit into the cigarette lighter socket. Whether you require extension outlets, power adapters, USB chargers, volt battery savers or battery guards, we can supply you with innovative, easy-to-use products.

Our 240 volt generators can supply mains power at the same level you have at home so you can bring the comfort of appliances on your next trip. Thanks to Outback Batteries, you can take your microwave, toaster, air conditioner or any other high power appliance unable to be run by battery power, and still enjoy free camping.

Generators can also re-charge your vehicle batteries, as well as solar panels during wet or overcast conditions.

We also stock phone batteries, uhf & comms and also have jump starters, leads & cables, camping lights and many other battery accessories.†If youíd like to find out more about our wide range of products talk to one of our friendly staff.